Canada is Bipolar

I can’t believe the weather here. Only yesterday we had glorious sunshine with temperatures over zero. In fact, on my very short walk between buildings, the sun felt so warm on my skin I could almost imagine what summer would feel like. I reminisced over the blast of heat that assaults you, stepping off the plane in Hyderabad. The thought was almost comforting. Spring must be here, I thought.

Then, today the snow falls. Wind drives the small flakes down towards the windows and the ground like rain. The sky is white, and the cold air beats at the flapping flags outside the college. With weather like this you would think that spring is months away. I’ve heard some Canadians argue that it is. I think it’s terrible. With the weather cold and dreary as it is, work and assignments seem as forbidding as the thought of going for a long walk outside. Why can’t Canada just make up its mind with its weather? I love the sun. I wish it would stay all day, all month, maybe even all year. But I wish it didn’t show it to me for a day, only to hide it again for another month or two.

If anyone has extra sunshine and wouldn’t mind, please do stuff as much of it as you can into an envelope and mail it to me. Then I can sit in my room, snow falling outside, and open those little envelopes of warmth. If only.