Don’t Slam the Toilet Seat!

Coming into this year of living in residence, I had very few worries about how I would get along with my flat-mates and the problems associated with four young men living in close proximity. Being that I had spent time with almost twenty boys in dorms, for a great portion of my school life, I figured there wasn’t much that I hadn’t faced before and worked through. However, this has not always been the case.

The guys and I get along fine. We have no reason’s for getting angry at each other or anything of the sort, which is such a blessing. But I find that often it’s the little things in life that seem to pain me most. I’ve never had a plank or anything of the sort get under my fingernails, yet the tiniest sliver seems able to make its way in at times dig deep at a nerve. It makes me worried about marriage in a way. That perhaps it will be these same little things that get under my skin and drive me crazy.

Do you really have to let the toilet seat slam when you put it back down? Why can’t you let it down gently? And why do you leave the dishcloth sitting in the sink after you’ve done the dishes? It never dries that way and pretty soon it will get smelly if you keep doing that. And do you have to make such a racket taking out the dishes in the morning when some others are sleeping? And why is it you have to stomp so loud on your way around the house and back from the bathroom in the morning? Why, why, why?

Thankfully, these little annoyances in life are just that: very little. They are certainly not something I would ever explode over. I’m sure someday, when I’m married, it will be these little things that will drive me crazy, if I don’t drive my wife crazy first. But it’s comforting to know that these are just small frictions that come hand in hand with sharing space. They aren’t an excuse for the outbreak of World War III.

There are parts of life that you just have to get used to. You learn love, forgive, and to live through these differences and make for the best. I suppose that’s what family is all about.