Books: My Vice

My grandma helps out at a local thrift store here in Three Hills, run by a number of elderly volunteers from the community. Often, if I am around on break, I will go over with her and help to move some of the larger things, before busying myself with sorting the various books that come in. Unfortunately, while it is a truly enjoyable experience, it’s very dangerous for me. I will rarely make it out of there at the end of the morning without a small stack of books I decided to keep. As a result, I have a slowly growing library on the shelves beside my bed and I dread the day I will ever have to move.

Considering my plans for the future, sometimes I fear I may never be able to enjoy my books at all. I’m not even sure if I will ever own a house in Canada, and therefore will have no place to put them. Or if I do ever buy a house here, the reality is that most of my years will probably be spent away from it. However, I won’t let it get in my way. If I ever have to give up my books, I really won’t mind losing most of them. I do hope I will have some place to keep them, but if not, perhaps they’ll serve a purpose as firewood someday. So, with the recent talk of zombie apocalypse or other global catastrophes, I will be prepared. If the sun freezes over, there’s plenty of books in my room to keep a fire going and at least survive long enough to make a cool movie of it. And if a tyrannical dictator shows up and all the books in the world are being burned and destroyed, don’t tell anyone, but I have enough Bibles to supply a small multilingual church.