Words are a gift. The power of memory, the ability to change lives, transform minds, and give hope for the future; all these are held within words. How simple is the marrow and sinews of language, and yet how vast and potent is its reach.
Some miss the power of words. Ignorant to the strength that one can wield in the wake of the tongue or pen, they flair aimlessly. Words are a weapon; some know their power. Others hope that with enough strokes and blows perhaps the point will bludgeon its way to the hearts of others.
But for those who know the power of the word; those who know its weight and feel; words are clear. With swift and calculated movements they pierce the heart of those who listen, burrowing deep into the innermost parts, deep into the desires, hopes, fears and memories of others. These are the greats. These are the men and women that hold the hearts and minds of others in their own. These are the writers.

I am not yet one, but I hope to join the ranks one day.