I went running today out at a small lake a ways from my house. I took my bike, rode through a winding path and eventually arrived at the lake where I chained my bike to a nearby bench. There is a path that runs around the lake and I had decided to run along the path and arrive back at the bench where I had left my bike.

I obviously need to go running more often, since I grew tired very quickly as I ran. I was getting especially tired when I passed the most aggravating sign. It read ‘SLOW.’ Perhaps under normal conditions this sign is merely a caution, telling cars or bicycles to travel slow as they go around the corner where the visibility was low. However, for me, travelling on foot, it served more as a declaration than a caution. How depressing it was to be breathing heavily, pushing myself along a small dirt path to see a sign telling me that I was going slow. Thank you very much! Maybe next time the town could think of something a bit more encouraging to say as I struggle along my run.