The Little Engineer

Quick ideas and rapid thinking,

Resourceful ways and constant tinkering,

Always moving, never at rest,

This lifestyle suits the engineer best.


For want of steel and iron, the rich man’s toys,

Our engineer his mind employs.

With sticks and string he makes himself

A kingdom of his work and wealth.


This cheeky builder out-smarts the rest,

Using the garbage that others detest,

With zeal and passion he builds his inventions,

Quietly surpassing others expectations.


No need for reading or handwriting,

What does an engineer need but his building?

Why trouble himself over books and learning?

When in a workshop lies his real yearning.


And so this clever one on his little bench

Builds boats and planes amid his stench,

For little time has he for showers,

As inventions prosper and genius flowers.


This is the work of the little builder,

His joy, his passion, his little splendour,

He plays with the engine, the motor, the gear,

This is the life of the little engineer.